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Yurok Connect Project to Improve Public Safety on Reservation

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The Yurok Tribe recently established a public safety line for its Klamath, California-based reservation through new technology from Carlson Wireless, an Arcata-based wireless communications provider.

Before implementing the new technology, the public safety agency shared a single line with the entire reservation, causing communication bottlenecks and slower connections. The new dedicated line, made possible by Carlson Wireless' white space technology used to bring broadband to rural locations, will allow public safety agencies to access criminal databases and eventually be able to conduct live video training with their firefighters. Support clinics will be able to perform virtual telemedicine and implement an emergency services plan that is completely self-sufficient.

The tribe is the first tribe to utilize the new technology developed by Carlson Wireless.

Jim Norton, broadband manager for the Yurok Tribe, said the project has been dubbed Yurok Connect Project. The project is expected to be completed by this summer.

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”It came about essentially as a result of years of frustration experienced by our IT director, Paul Romero, in trying to deliver Internet, networking, and telecommunications services throughout the Yurok offices and education facilities that are spread across the reservation -- and in particular, the public safety offices,” Norton said in a press release.