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Yucca Root: Bathe in It, Lather It, Eat It, Drink It

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Yucca root, used by our ancestors to heal skin sores, reduce scarring, purify blood and alleviate arthritis, according to, provides health benefits in all its forms, and is now recommended as a prime ingredient in hygiene products designed specifically for cancer patients, according to Natural Solutions Magazine.

Native to regions of Mexico and the arid southwestern United States, the root is commonly used to create a healthy soap and deodorant for cancer patients. Lymph notes are located in the armpits—an area you especially don’t want to overload with harsh chemicals while fighting cancer, because the lymphatic system protects the body from infection, reported Natural Solutions. Also, sweat clears toxins out of the body, so using antiperspirants only impedes the body’s natural cleansing.

Due to the roots’ high saponin content, giving it a soapy texture, it is widely used in natural soap and shampoo products, states LiveStrong. Some Indians claim shampoo made with yucca prevents hair loss and dandruff, while creating soft, shiny strands, reported nutrition writer Davis Jekins.

Among its many believed benefits, yucca root is reputedly accredited with lowering cholesterol, stopping the buildup of oxygen free radicals, preventing blood vessel damage, and alleviating symptoms associated with arthritis, bursitis and gout, according to LiveStrong. "In the stomach and intestines, some saponins may fasten onto cholesterol particles in the blood, thereby preventing cholesterol absorption by the body and promoting its elimination," Drug Digest states.

The root is packed with vitamin C, B and A, as well as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron, according to Jekins. He also recommends using the root’s powder form, which contains protein. He suggests mixing it with water, yogurt, smoothies or juice. The saponins in the powder will act as anti-inflammatory agent, reducing muscle spasms, pain, and symptoms of arthritis.