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YouTube User Teaches Native Language and History

YouTube user Geraldine Chases-her-Tail entertains viewers with an Ojibway language word of the day and tidbits about Native American history.
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YouTube user NDNinLA, Geraldine Chases-her-Tail, has been posting videos featuring an Ojibway language word of the day and an interesting tidbit about American Indian history since 2010.

In this April 28, 2011 video she gears up for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and reviews the Ojibway words for queen, king, and princess, which are ogimaakwe, gighi ogimaa, and ogimakwens.

This is her video from December 3, 2011 when she speaks about a Christmas ornament exchange she attended and the first time a president addressed Indian nations on December 3, 1901:

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