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You Won't Believe How Many Rubik's Cubes This Guy Solved While Running a Marathon

A Kumayaay triathlete set out to break the world record for Rubik's Cubes solved while running a marathon. He shattered it!
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Before November 15, the Guinness World Record for Rubik's Cubes solved while running a marathon was 175. Phillip Kwa'han Espinoza aimed to shatter that record, and he did.

The accomplished runner and Rubik's Cube whiz solved 839 Rubik's Cubes over the course of the 26.2-mile REVEL Canyon City Marathon in Azusa, California.

The tally fell short of the goal Espinoza, Kumeyaay from the Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians in San Diego, had been striving for, which was 1,000. 

In a thank-you video to his supporters, Espinoza said he thought he would probably not attempt to hit the 1,000 mark again, and would concentrate on triathlon training—but added, "never say never."

He added that he would donate the cubes he used to young people, as a "prevention tool"—a hobby to keep them occupied and engaged, and away from the temptations of drugs and alcohol.

"Stay tuned for my next big adventure," he said in closing. "It might be across the United States. Thanks a lot."

Espinoza solicited crowdfunding online for his Rubik's Cube adventure, and may reach out again for whatever he attempts—add him on Facebook to stay posted on his feats.