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You May Not Eat This Village (But You'll Want to)

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Don't visit the Oneida Indian Nation's Turning Stone Resort Casino on an empty stomach, or you're liable to take a bite out of a piece of art.

The art in question isn't a painting or a bronze sculpture, of course, but rather a sprawling gingerbread village that took more than 1,000 hours to construct.

The village is approximately 53-feet long, and is comprised of eight buildings made up of 13,000 individual pieces of gingerbread. This delectable spectacle will be on display throughout the holiday season.

Executive pastry chef Jennifer Di Giorgio, Assistant Pastry Chef Megan Brown, and the bakers at Turning Stone Resort Casino began baking for this year's incredible village way back in the summer. Now it's open for viewing in the Garden Lobby near Opals II.

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The gingerbread village's eight buildings are a farmhouse, a barn, a general store, a hotel, a log cabin, an English Tudor house, a classic split level, and a church. There's also a pond which is traversed with a New England-style covered bridge.

What, exactly, went into its construction? How about nearly 1,000 pounds of all purpose flour, 378 pounds of molasses, 252 pounds of brown sugar, 118 pounds of shortening, 12 pounds of cinnamon, 11 pounds of salt, 10 pounds of ginger, 6.5 pounds of baking soda, 3 pounds of cloves, 2 pounds of baking powder, 1,200 whole eggs, 800 pounds of frosting, 160 pounds of chocolate, 20 pounds of peppermint candies, 850 Oreos, and, finally, 4,500 gumdrops.

Bon appétit, or, actually, welcome, enjoy the village but no eating!

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