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You Can’t Deny These 8 Reasons We Love Our Rez Dogs

Everyone loves a rez dog, there’s no denying that, but why do they? Here’s 8 reasons why we love our rez dogs.

No matter how you say it, the love we have for our Rez Puppies, Rez Pubbies or RezPups is everlasting. They are cute, cool, funny, charismatic, loners, part of a pack and well, yes, sometimes a little ferocious. But no matter what, the Rez Dogs in our lives are ours to be proud of – and no one can say any different.

In a gesture of love and goodwill to these pubbies that give us love and friendship – here are 8 reasons we love our rez dogs:

They are perpetual vacuum cleaners when we are messy

Don’t worry about dropping chips on the floor, accidentally letting something fall off the grill or spilling something in the kitchen, one quick whistle and it’s RezPup to the rescue!

Courtesy Ntawnis on Twitter

Rez Puppies

They will be your pal and lick your face even when everyone else is mad at you

No matter how much of a grump you have been whether it’s been a hard day after work or just having to do too many things around the house, Good ole RezPup will still thump his or her tail on the floor happily if you call them. If everyone in the world was as forgiving as a RezPup – we’d have a lot less problems in the world.

Courtesy Chelsey Carmichael on Twitter

That Rez Puppy Look

They will bark at any evil trespasser to your private space

“That’s right – we bad, my RezPup will bite any evil villains – so keep your distance.” You know it feels better when someone coming to your house to sell something is like, “We’ll just go ahead and skip this house.”

Courtesy JACook on Twitter

Sheba from Akwesasne

A constant walking partner when everybody else is like, “No thanks.”

Has a RezPup ever said, “No I don’t feel like going for a walk? They probably go berserk every time you walk near the front door. If you are looking to get more exercise, A RezPup is a heck of a great exercise partner.

Courtesy WeAreVCFA on Twitter

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Let's Go For a Walk

You feel a little safer when a RezPup is playing with your kids

This one is pretty self-explanatory, if a stranger even comes within 1,000 feet, you will hear that familiar “I will eat you if you come any closer” RezPup bark.

Courtesy Joslin LaSalle on Twitter


If you get scared at nighttime, RezPups will sleep next to you until you feel safe

You hear a bump, watch a scary movie or just plain feel scared? A quick whistle and your RezPup will be glad to come to the rescue and sleep next to you for comfort. Don’t worry, they are pretty fearless and will bark at any meanies in the world.

Courtesy Joslin LaSalle on Twitter


They are amazing listeners who won’t talk back

No matter how many mistakes you have made, or how much you might be in the proverbial dog house – Your RezPup will listen all they ever need is a nice scratch on their back or on their ears to be your life’s best friend.

Courtesy Arty Dog on Twitter

Arty from Navajo Nation

They forgive us for just about anything – and immediately come wagging

Even if we discipline them for chewing up our shoe, laying on the good chair or eating food left on the table, though we may scold them one minute, they will come back happy and wagging immediately afterwards if we call them – who does that? Not cats, not most people? RezPups! They are always ready to be a friend at a moment’s call.

Courtesy Tinsel Korey on Twitter