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Xena Warrior Princess Lucy Lawless Pleads Guilty in Alaska Drill Ship Occupation

Actress Lucy Lawless of Xena: Warrior Princess Fame pleaded guilty to trespassing in New Zealand; she and seven other Greenpeace protesters took a stand against Arctic drilling in February by occupying the Shell Oil ship Noble Savage.
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Actress Lucy Lawless, arrested in February after she jumped aboard the drilling ship Noble Discoverer with Greenpeace activists, has pleaded guilty to trespassing and could spend up to three years in jail.

The Associated Press reported on June 14 that the Xena: Warrior Princess star, who had been protesting oil drilling in the Arctic, had her sentence reduced from “burglary to unlawfully being on a ship.”

"Yeah, I think we've helped kick off a great movement,'' Lawless told reporters, according to the New Zealand Herald. “I had to do what I had to do."

What she did was, along with seven other activists, “broke into a restricted area at Port Taranaki and boarded Shell-contracted drilling ship the Noble Explorer to prevent it heading to the Chukchi Sea, off the coast of Alaska, to drill three exploratory oil wells,” the New Zealand Herald described. “They scaled its 58-meter drilling tower and set up camp at the top for 77 hours, using social media to beam their message around the world.”

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The ship, docked in Auckland at the time, is owned by Shell and is en route to conduct test drilling in the Arctic.

"We want to tell [those responsible for deep-sea oil drilling] absolutely under no circumstances is this a good idea,” Lawless told reporters. “They are robbing our children of their birthright to a clean and healthy planet, and they know it."