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Work woes

The economy’s weight presses down on us like the tenacity of genocide on our psyche. Our hours at work are being cut. Our pay and our opportunities are in deadlock, and we watch as quality jobs disappear like groceries in our refrigerators. What isn’t disappearing, you ask? The hefty bonuses and paychecks of CEOs.

Our jobs are a dried-up well, and they need replenishing. This replenishment should be in the form of good union jobs that strengthen the ability for workers to have fair pay, quality health care and less insecurity.

Barack Obama has promised to help pass the Employee Free Choice Act, a bipartisan bill, which would make it easier for workers to form unions and stay in the middle class. After you listen to your boss cut back hours or deny you benefits, I think it’s time to let your Congressmen know that it’s time to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, and make the economy and your company work for everyone.

Christopher Cimino
Bridgeport, NY

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