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Women Power! 115 Films by Indigenous Artists at imagineNATIVE with 72% Female Directors

Native women dominate this year's imagineNATIVE, of the 115 films, 72% were made by Indigenous female directors

The imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival has announced 115 feature and short films by Indigenous artists as part of their 18th Annual Festival, held October 18-22, 2017 in Toronto. Of the 115 feature films, documentaries, shorts, and music videos created by Indigenous filmmakers, nearly three-quarters of the films (72%) were made by Indigenous female directors.

imagineNATIVE is proud to include Our People Will Be Healed, the 50th documentary in 50 years from revered filmmaker, Alanis Obomsawin, focused on children’s rights.

Documentary features receiving their world premieres at imagineNATIVE include the true-crime story Indictment: The Crimes of Shelly Chartier (directed by Shane Belcourt, Lisa Jackson) and Glwa: Resurgence of the Ocean-Going Canoe (directed by Hillary Beattie, Vina Brown) about Tribal Canoe Journeys on the Northwest Pacific coast.

Additional feature length documentaries include Out of State (directed by Ciara Lacy) following two Indigenous Hawaiian inmates incarcerated in Arizona; Rio Verde. El Tiempo de los Yakurunas (directed by Alvaro Sarmiento, Diego Sarmiento) about three small villages by the Amazon river; and the international premiere of MANKILLER (directed by Valerie Red-Horse Mohl) examining the legacy of the formidable Wilma Mankiller, the Cherokee Nation’s first female Principal Chief.

imagineNATIVE will also present the world premiere of Juliana & the Medicine Fish (directed by Jeremy Torrie) which follows the story of 12-year old Juliana as she’s forced to repair an awkward relationship with her father (Adam Beach) following her mother’s death.

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imagineNATIVE will also screen a number of short film programs. More programming for the 18th Annual imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival will be announced in the coming weeks.

The imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival takes place October 18-22, 2017. Early bird ticket packages and festival passes are on sale at a reduced price until Sunday, September 24, 2017

Call the TIFF Box Office at 416-599-TIFF. For more information please call 416.585.2333 or visit
Facebook: www.facebook/imagineNATIVE
Twitter: @imagineNATIVE

About imagineNATIVE
The imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival is the world’s largest Indigenous festival showcasing innovation in film, video, audio and digital media. The Festival presents the most compelling and distinctive works from Canada and around the globe, reflecting the diversity of the world’s Indigenous nations and illustrating the vitality and excellence of Native art and culture in contemporary media.

The imagineNATIVE 2016 event trailer

The complete list of 2017 imagineNATIVE films and videos:
ᎤᎧᏖᎾ ᎠᎴ ᎠᏴᏓᏆᎶᏍᎩ (Uktena and Thunder), directed by Joseph Erb
2 Spirit Dreamcatcher Dot Com, directed by Thirza Cuthand
A Prayer for the Lost, directed by Natasha Francis
Amásání (The Grandma), directed by Stacy Howard
Anna Marina, directed by Trevor Mack
Aqtuqsi (My Nightmare), directed by Mary Kunuk
Atte munnje sáni saji (Just Give Me the Word), directed by Sara Margrethe Oskal
Bayline, directed by JJ Neepin
Believer, directed by Migizi Pensoneau
Birth of a Family, directed by Tasha Hubbard
Blight, directed by Perun Bonser
“Bowhead Whale Hunt” Hunting with My Ancestors, directed by Carol Kunnuk, Zacharias Kunuk
Braids, directed by Cole Stevens-Goulais
Brown Lips, directed by Nakkiah Lui
Bzindan (Harmony), directed by Nadia McLaren
CALVING (CAPS), directed by Nathan Adler
Captivity Narrative, directed by Jason Asenap
CARRY THE FLAG, directed by Danielle MacLean
Creatura Dada, directed by Caroline Monnet
Cry Wolf, directed by Dianne Ouellette
Dear Hatetts, directed by Kerry Barber
Demons, directed by Morningstar Derosier
Dislocation Blues, directed by Sky Hopinka
Empire State, directed by Govind Deecee, Terry Jones
Experiments in Light, directed by Jaene Castrillon
Flat Rocks, directed by Courtney Montour
Fox in the Box, directed by Travis Shilling[text_ad]
From Up North, directed by Trudy Stewart
Glwa: Resurgence of the Ocean-Going Canoe, directed by Hillary Beattie, Vina Brown
Gos leat don? (Where Are You?), directed by Egil Pedersen
Guolli (Fish), directed by Jouni West
Holy Angels, directed by Jay Cardinal Villeneuve
I Will Always Love You Kingen, directed by Amanda Kernell
In Moment, directed by Samay Arcentales Cajas
Indictment: The Crimes of Shelly Chartier, directed by Shane Belcourt, Lisa Jackson
Inuk Hunter, directed by George Annanack
Issaituq (Waterproof), directed by Bruce Haulli
J'aime les filles (I Like Girls), directed by Diane Obomsawin
Juliana & The Medicine Fish, directed by Jeremy Torrie
Just One Word, directed by Jani Lauzon
Juuret On (Under Two Skies), directed by Anssi Kömi, Suvi West
Ka Puta Ko Au, directed by Amie Batalibasi, Renae Maihi, Kelton Stepanowich
Kat Waj, directed by Teresa Jiménez
Kayaking For Beginners, directed by Zoe Hopkins
Kchi-Nendizan (Big Pride), directed by Lena Recollet, Miles Turner
Keepers for the Old People, directed by Michael Keshane
Keeping the Legends at Heart, d.
KEEWAYDAH (Let's Go Home), directed by Terril Calder
Kéwku, directed by Sean Stiller
Kia Tau (Be at Rest), directed by Michelle Latimer, Chris Malloy, Yamin Tun
Last Drinks at Frida's, directed by Bjorn Stewart
Laundry, directed by Becs Arahanga
Lelum' (Home), directed by Asia Youngman
MANKILLER, directed by Valerie Red-Horse Mohl
MARIA, directed by Jeremiah Tauamiti
Meke, directed by Tim Worrall
Metal Road, directed by Sarah Del Seronde
Mikinakay: Trail of the Turtle, directed by Erica Daniels
Morit Elena Morit, directed by Inga-Wiktoria Påve
My Father’s Tools, directed by Heather Condo
MY SOUL REMAINER, directed by Nanobah Becker
NATALIE, directed by Qianna Titore
NDNs on the Airwaves, directed by Jackson 2Bears
Nieiddaš ja guollečikŋa (Girl with a Fish Necklace), directed by Egil Pedersen
No Reservations, directed by Trevor Carroll
North of South, directed by Francisco Huichaquo, Casey Koyczan, Alejandro Valbuena
Nutag-Homeland, directed by Alisi Telengut
Nuuca (Take), directed by Michelle Latimer
Occupation Of Memory, directed by Jade Baxter
Ôtênaw, directed by Conor McNally
Our People will be Healed, directed by Alanis Obomsawin
Our Protection For Our Future Generations, directed by Bella Brown, Trinity Hunt, Nathanial Mason-Brown
Out of State, directed by Ciara Lacy
PaPa, directed by Ryan Alexander Lloyd
People of the Pines, directed by Shane Ghostkeeper, Joshua Whitford
Possum, directed by Dave Whitehead
Qulliq (Oil Lamp), directed by Susan Avingaq, Marie-Helene Cousineau, Madeline Ivalu
Rae, directed by Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs
Raven, directed by Razelle Benally
Ravggon - Goaikkanasat, directed by Henry Kestilä
Red Card World: The Tree, directed by Cara Mumford
Riiji Carver, directed by Kimberley West
Rio Verde. El tiempo de los Yakurunas (Green River. The Time of the Yakurunas), directed by Alvaro Sarmiento, Diego Sarmiento
ROTO (The Lake Within), directed by Louise Potiki Bryant
Shaman, directed by Echo Henoche
Slincraze - Stállu, directed by Egil Pedersen
Snaglines, directed by Howard Adler, Charlotte Hoelke
Snow, directed by Nivi Pederse
STACK, directed by Dana Claxton
Sunday Fun Day, directed by Dianna Fuemana
Sweet Country, directed by Warwick Thornton
The End of the World, directed by Clayton Windatt
The Fire, directed by Liselotte Wajstedt
The Importance of Dreaming, directed by Tara Audibert
The Last Walk, directed by Anna Hoover, Pipaluk K. Jørgensen, Mikisoq H. Lynge, Jerri Thrasher
The Mountain of SGaana, directed by Christopher Auchter
Thirza Cuthand Is an Indian Within the Meaning of the Indian Act, directed by Thirza Cuthand
This Wild Season, directed by Jonathan Elliott
Three Thousand, directed by Asinnajaq
Thunderbird Strike, directed by Elizabeth LaPensee
TRENCH, directed by Trevor Solway
Tsanizid (Wake Up), directed by Beric Manywounds
Twilight Dancers, directed by Paola Marino, Theola Ross
Under Your Always Light, directed by Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers
Unikausiq (Stories), directed by Mary Kunuk
Unintentional Mother, directed by Mary Galloway
[untitled & unlabeled], directed by Terry Jones
Versaearcolonion, directed by Chandra Melting Tallow, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers
Vulkan (Volcano), directed by Ann Holmgren
Walk In Dreams, directed by Jonathan Thunder
Water, directed by John Harvey
Zaasaakwe (Shout with Joy), directed by Madison Thomas

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