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With Desecrated Grounds Healed, Fort William First Nation Pow Wow Goes On

A story about the Fort William First Nation Traditional Pow Wow, taking place after the sacred pow wow grounds were desecrated in May.
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In May, the Mount McKay Pow Wow Grounds on Fort William First Nation in Ontario were desecrated by a group of reportedly Caucasian men driving 4x4 sport trucks, as first reported by Ooff-roading was subsequently banned on the nation's lands. With the sacred lands healing, preparations were begun for the First Nation's annual pow wow, which kicked off Friday, June 28 and continues through today, July 1.

Under the spiritual guidance of Kalvin Ottertail and Freda McDonald, the Fort William First Nation Traditional Pow Wow has been especially poignant this year, after the recent desecration. On Friday night, a key part of the pow wow was the lighting of the Sacred Fire, and the Water Ceremony. The theme of the pow wow is Celebrating Success... One Step at a Time.

Here are some videos from the pow wow to enjoy.


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