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Wisconsin School District Drops American Indian Logo

A story about a Wisconsin school district deciding to replace its American Indian sports logo, after having used it for decades, but keeping its Warriors name.
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Winter School District in western Wisconsin has decided to change the American Indian logo its sports teams have used for decades. They will remain known as the Warriors.

“In April our school board decided it was time that we needed to change and find a new mascot for our warrior," District Administrator Penny Boileau told WEAU-TV. "We wanted to keep the warrior, but to have it more represent the warrior of service to our country.”

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A state law passed in 2009 allows complaints to lead to these mascot changes, and caused districts to consider making the change proactively. Winter is now one of them.

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“We've weeded ourselves off of using the Native American logo and have been using a W as a placeholder, because we didn't want to get into a financial burden where we're forced to change and have all this expense,” Boileau said.

In a vote last week, more than 325 people from the Winter community voted on a potential new logo to replace the American Indian head that had been used. The logo chosen was an eagle with a feather, which would continue the Native theme the school had been using.