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"Winter Traditions" Event This Weekend

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Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, is celebrating their Native American Winter Traditions this Saturday and Sunday, January 22nd and 23rd, the MetroWest Daily Newsreports. The event includes "longtime village favorite character, 'Indian Doctress' Molly Geet," who is portrayed by Abenaki Indian Dr. Marge Bruchac. Dr. Bruchac has been playing the role for more than 10-years, and is a scholar, performer, and a historical consultant whose speciality is interpretations and representations of northeastern Native American peoples. She will be sharing with visitors how Native Americans of the Northeast handled the harsh, frigid winters through their incredible ingenuity. She'll lead programs on their use of snowshoes, fur pelts fashioned from beaver, bear, deer, rabbit, fox, and skunk (!) hides, as well as tell some of the Algonkian winter stories.

Dale Carson, co-chair of the Hammonasset Festival Celebrating Native Americans and the Environment, as well as published two cookbooks, will be on hand to demonstrate Native American cooking techniques in the Bullard Tavern Great Room on Saturday at 12:30.

Old Sturbridge Village is a "living history museum," a place where visitors can see what it was like to live in New England between 1790 and 1840. It has 59 antique buildings, a working farm, and three water-powered mills. There's also a stagecoach, heirloom gardens, and heritage bred farm animals. Old Sturbridge Village is open year-round.

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