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Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

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A former science professor at Little Priest Tribal College in Winnebago has become chief naturalist and educator at Crane Meadows Nature Center, sharing the mystery of the prairie with the elementary school-age children who visit. "I've always had an interest in nature and biology and education, so it was a pretty good match," Del Stallwood said. Rambling along the trails that run near the Platte River and through a large portion of virgin prairie, Stallwood said he is regularly amazed by his surroundings. "It changes every day. You never know until you get out there what you will see." There are educational opportunities for all ages, including high school and college students. "A lot of them have no idea of the beauty and diversity out there," he said. Of his job, well, "It's an opportunity to just keep learning all of the time."

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