Wind River Reservation, Wyoming


The Arapaho and Shoshone business councils oppose a 1-cent optional sales tax before voters in November. Shoshone council member Ivan Posey said reservation residents will contribute substantially through the money they spend off the reservation. But the reservation will not benefit from the tax by getting infrastructure improvements like other Fremont County communities. "I think both tribes have infrastructure needs just like the towns do. Essentially, we pay taxes and get nothing in return. We just need to be part of those discussions," he said. "We need to be at the table when we talk about those issues." The county's six mayors and the county commission pledged to use the revenue for water, sewer and street projects. "I know each city has its own infrastructure needs, but so do we," Posey said. He cited the Fort Washakie water treatment plant. "As a sovereign entity, we don't have access to funds that will be generated," he said. The proposed tax is similar, he said, to a 1 percent capital facilities tax which helped build and remodel senior citizens centers in several communities a few years ago. "We helped pay the taxes but never got anything in return on the reservation."