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Wind River Reservation of Wyoming (Shoshone, Arapaho)

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Fremont County and the Wind River Reservation have agreed to allow law officers to respond to emergencies, regardless of jurisdiction. Officers from the county may enter the reservation, keep the peace and wait for reservation officers to arrive to investigate. "We ought to be able to agree that the closest officer be able to respond to an emergency. That's what this is all about,'' County Attorney Norman Young said. Attorneys would resolve any jurisdictional issues the following day. Commissioners voted 3-2 to approve the agreement in mid-February. Officers could only respond if invited by the law agency that oversees the jurisdiction. Cross-border actions would be covered by liability insurance. The agencies that enforce law on the reservation, the BIA and Shoshone and Arapahoe tribes, signed similar agreements with Lander and Riverton police and the Hot Springs County Sheriff's Department in January. Officers must be trained in the procedures and laws of the outside jurisdictions. The two negative votes were cast out of concern BIA officers being trained in Wyoming law and jurisdictional problems stemming from a lack of BIA officers. Commission Chairman Scott Luther said he hoped the people of the reservation "would be so upset ... they demand" Interior and the BIA and business councils address that problem.

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