Wind River Reservation of Wyoming


Al Addison Sr., chairman of the Northern Arapaho Tribe, and Ivan Posey, chairman of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, were introduced as honored guests as Wyoming Gov. Jim Geringer presented his State of the State Address to the Wyoming Legislature Jan. 10. "I am honored to give them my respect and friendship," the governor said. "By their special presence here today, we hope to continue a dialog of trust and understanding. These leaders have come to meet with you and share the hopes and dreams of their people," Geringer said. He went on to say the issues he would discuss are "just as important to the tribal authorities" as to other Wyoming residents and "include water rights and water storage, jobs and taxation, along with making a better future for our children, enabling affordable housing, providing excellence in education and assuring the availability of and access to health care." The governor said these are the goals "that we find easy to share."