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Wind River Reservation of Wyoming

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Drought may prevent irrigators on the reservation, home of the Arapahoe and Shoshone tribes, from using some canals after July 1, an irrigation engineer said. The Ray Canal in particular has low flows, said irrigation project engineer Sheridan Nicholas. A similar fate is in store for irrigators on the Coolidge and Sub-Agency canals. Lee Arrington, manager of the Midvale Irrigation District, said officials are trying to make the water supply last through August. "It feels like late July or August here," he said. "The crops don't look good and there's nowhere in the district you can drive two or three miles and see good crops. Everybody is suffering this year, and it's going to continue unless we have something positive happen in the rivershed," he said. Gary Collins, tribal water engineer, said a conservation pool at Washakie Reservoir will provide water for irrigation and firefighting. As of June 21, the reservoir had about a 10-day supply of water, above the conservation pool, left for irrigators, he said.