Who Will Be Our First Founding Member?

The new Indian Country Today is launching a membership drive and an auction. Top bid will be forever known as Indian Country Today’s: “First Founding Member.”

From September through February I have heard about the importance of saving Indian Country Today. So many people across Indian Country had the same idea:

What if … What if we all contribute?

What if I step up to make certain Indian Country has solid, accurate, fair reporting?

Is it worth it to save this voice? A national media platform for Indian concerns? And how much will it take?

Yes. Yes. And the answer is a lot — or perhaps a few tax-deductible dollars if we all contribute together.

We are building a new Indian Country Today on a public media model. We will have some advertising, but most of our resources will come from members, tribes, enterprises, and non-profits.

We need you.

We thought we would start this process with some fun. We are launching a membership drive and an auction.

The membership drive will solicit help from our “members” as $100 Founding Members, $500 Sustaining Members, and $1,000 for Premier Members.

Unlike public media we don’t have nifty gifts as a thank you. No t-shirts. No coffee mugs. Just a better news report. We want to use the money to build our news operation, a multimedia reporting platform about what’s going on across Indian Country. We’ll stretch your dollars by partnering with other organizations, and amplify our reporting by letting others repurpose our editorial content.

We will serve.

To get us started we are hosting an auction: Who ever bids the most will be designated Founding Member 001. This person will be our First Founding Member. We will honor them in Indian Country Today and thank them across social media. (And if your bid is not the most … we are still happy to accept your donation.)If you can’t afford $100, consider sending a few dollars. This is important. We don’t want to leave anyone out. (As we get going, later, we plan on a monthly membership plan that will cost only $10 a month … something to think about.)If it isn’t possible for you to donate, don’t count yourself out by any means. Please share this message with your friends and colleagues on social media and email. This is important, and your willingness to share this message is more helpful than you might imagine. If you share this with a person who is able to donate, we all benefit immensely.Indian Country Today is going to be a new kind of journalism (just wait until you see the platform we are building) and we can use your help to get us launched. Thank you so much.Mark Trahant, editor, Indian Country TodayMark Trahant is editor of Indian Country Today. He is a member of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. Follow him on Twitter Follow @TrahantReports