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Why I Am Voting for Donald J. Trump—My Man!

I am a politically incorrect Indian. (See what I did there?) I march to the beat of a different party drum. Historically, Native Americans have aligned with Democrats, the party of big government, which quite frankly, I have never understood. After all, isn’t it the American government that took everything from us in the first place? So why on earth would we want more of it? Why would we embrace a party that advocates for government controlling nearly every aspect of our lives?

Instead, this political oddball believes in limited government, low taxes, free enterprise and the birthright of every human being to become whatever the hell he or she wants to be—without government interference! By definition, I suppose you could call me a Republican. Or even a Conservative.

Or, to define myself in more current terms, I am a Trumpster. Before you start throwing things at your computer, and declaring me a traitor and a disgrace to Indian Country, please let me explain.

First off, I agree that Donald J. Trump is not a perfect human being. Then again, who is? Thanks to Hillary’s hard-working opposition research team, we are learning that there are many skeletons in Trump’s closet—which he built himself, encased in gold, by the way.

However, as a woman, I don’t give a flying flip what Trump said, privately, on a bus 11 years ago to Billy Bush. What I do care about is what is going to happen to this country if Hillary Clinton, the Queen of Open Borders, gets elected.

Thanks to WikiLeaks, we now know of her plans, in her own words: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, sometime in the future …” she declared in a closed-door 2013 speech to Brazilian bankers, for which she was paid a handsome $225,000.

But somehow, Hillary’s frightening vision for America has become lost in the Trump sex tape scandal and other frenzied campaign distractions that her team has been tossing at us like grenades, as if to say: “Look here, not there!”

So in case you missed it (and you probably did if you watch CNN, MSNBC and other alphabet-soup networks), Hillary Clinton, if elected president, has vowed to roll out the welcome mat to 65,000 refugees from Syria and other war-torn countries in the Middle East. This generous display of hospitality amounts to a 550% increase in the number of refugees Obama has ushered in this past year.

Let me say that again: A 550% INCREASE IN REFUGEES! That should be a real sore spot for most Natives, I would think. I’m sure I don’t need to remind Indian Country what happened as a result of the last European invasion a few short centuries ago.

Genocide aside, here’s the current problem we are facing: The United States does not have the intel to properly vet these refugees. CIA Director, James Comey has said as much. “We can query our databases until the cows come home, but nothing will show up because we have no record of that person. …You can only query what you have collected.” Comey also warns of a terrorist diaspora (a scattering of people) in the next two to five years “like we’ve never seen before.”

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham says an immigration agent approached her at the LAX airport the other day and told her that under a direct order, he rubber-stamped a number of Muslim refugees into our country who didn’t even have passports. The only documentation they coughed up were their names and countries of origin written on a piece of paper.

While I imagine that most of these refugees are good people looking to start over in a peaceful country, can we honestly afford the uncertainty? To paraphrase Trump, we don’t know exactly who these refugees are, whether they share American values or not, or if they have any desire to assimilate into our country.

And with ISIS LITERALLY dying to annihilate all Americans, the “infidels,” allowing 650,000 refugees into our country—as Hillary vows to do— who we simply cannot vet properly should scare the living hell out of you.

In fact, CIA Director John Brennan warned that ISIS is training operatives to infiltrate the refugee population. They will be hiding among us, their gracious American hosts, ready to pounce, by the tens of thousands. We have already seen the horror of what a handful of radical Muslim jihadists have done in this country in the last year. Orlando? San Bernardino? Chattanooga? Hello? Imagine what THOUSANDS can do—right here on American soil.

We also know from a recent WikiLeaks dump of e-mails from John Podesta, the Clinton campaign chairman, that Hillary even admitted in another 2013 speech that it would be impossible to vet Syrian refugees and that they could put the countries they enter at risk.

So why, oh WHY the push for allowing more of them into our country? It defies logic.

As a woman, I am particularly concerned about an increase in sexual assault from a massive influx of refugees. No, I’m not a racist, so don’t even go there. It has already happened in Germany. This past New Year’s Eve in Germany, more than 2,000 refugees sexually assaulted 1,200 German girls. And more recently at a German music festival in May, there were reports of a mass sexual assault on women by Pakistani refugees.

Despite her best intentions to welcome with open arms more than 1 million refugees into her country, German Chancellor Angela Merkel now says she regrets that decision, as it has caused a dramatic rise in crime.

America, TAKE NOTES!

For Native women, especially, it should be a real concern. According to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, 63 percent of Native women who report assault—including sexual assault—say the perpetrators are non-Native, and it is often very difficult to prosecute them in tribal court due to jurisdictional boundaries. Remember, Infidels in the radical Muslim mind includes Native Americans too.

Look, Donald J. Trump is not perfect. Then again, we are not electing him for sainthood. But I believe his heart is in the right place. He truly loves this country, and is committed to protecting our borders and keeping Americans safe.

I am hoping in the next and final debate, Chris Wallace asks the candidates one very simple question: “Why do you want to be president of the United States?” The answer to that question would be quite revealing.

I don’t believe Hillary Clinton is content with just being the leader of the greatest nation in the world. We know from her own words that she has something more global in mind. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has made his position quite clear from the start: “I don’t want to be president of the world. I want to be president of the United States of America,” he proclaims.

Yes, I admit to being a Trump supporter. And on November 8th, I will vote for this loud, obnoxious, controversial political impossibility—just like millions more like me who are seeing red; amber waves and waves of Americans who are sick and tired of D.C. corruption and collusion, and who will fight valiantly at the polls to save our country.

My fellow Native Americans: We simply cannot vote for Hillary Clinton. If we do, we will surrender our borders to a flood of unvetted refugees and immigrants (sound familiar?), some of whom could be very dangerous, and we will lose our country, our beautiful America … yet again.

Lynn Armitage is a contributing writer and enrolled member of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin.