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Who's Your Favorite Native Musician? 2014 NAMMYs Ballot Is Online, Vote Today!

See the list of artists nominated for the 2014 Native American Music Awards, and cast a ballot for your favorites!
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The nominees for the 15th annual Native American Music Awards (unofficially known as the NAMMYs) have been announced, and the slate is another impressive showcase of the best music created by Indigenous artists in all its variety and excellence. The event itself, to be held at the Seneca Allegany Events Center in Salamanca, New York, on November 14, looks to be packed with Indian country's boldfaced names, including Dylan Jenet, Joanna Shenandoah, Joey Stylez, Jan Michael Looking Wolf, Indigenous, and Steven Rushingwind. 

Tickets start at $19.75, and can be bought through Ticketmaster

NAMA class of 2013: Artist of the Year Tony Duncan, Lifetime Achievement Award winner Nelly Furtado, Record of the Year award winner Radmilla Cody, and Best Male Artist award winner Wayne Silas, Jr. Photo by Kim Acosta

Music fans can cast a ballot on the voting page on the NAMA website, which features an impressive playlist of 116 tracks by nominated artists. That's—quite literally—several hours' worth of listening, and a handy reference for anyone unfamiliar with some of the nominees. Speaking of nominees, here's the full list:

Artist of the Year
Jan Looking Wolf Reibach (Conf. Tribes of Grande Ronde – Kalapuya) - Tamanawas
Joanne Shenandoah (Oneida) – Nature Dance
Mato Nanji (Lakota/Dakota) – Vanishing Americans
R. Carlos Nakai (Navajo/Ute) – Awakening The Fire
Ryan Little Eagle Molina (Lakota/Apache) – The Long Journey Home
Wade Fernandez (Menominee) – Breathe & Flow

Best Blues Recording
A Tribute To Little Johnny Taylor – Jimmy Wolf (Mohawk)
Back To Clearlake Oaks – Twice As Good (Pomo)
Blues Joose Vol 2 - Joel Johnson (Tuscarora)
Lakota John and Kin - Lakota John and Kin (Lumbee/Oglala)
Red Kroz Bluez Band - Red Kroz Bluez Band (Munsee)
Vanishing Americans – Indigenous (Dakota)

Best Compilation Recording
CTR Country Mix – Various Artists
Dawn's Early Light - Various Artists
Don’t Let Me Forget – Kelly Montijo Fink
Earth Bound Angel – Various Artists
Putumayo Presents Native America – Various Artists
The Hopson Live Session - Various Artists

Best Country Recording
3 of a Kind - John McLeod (Cree)
Bring It On – Donny Parenteau (Metis)
Senorita Dreams – Wayne Garner (Cherokee/Apache)
Tribute - Victoria Blackie (Navajo)
Tyra Preston – Tyra Preston (Navajo)
Woman Of Red – Tracy Bone (Ojibway)

Debut Artist of the Year
David Rose – Wind Dance Under The Moon
Gabrielle Knife (Lakota Sioux) – Ohiya Ku WInyan
Gareth (Mi'kmaq/Cree) – The Journey
Leah Shenandoah (Oneida) - Spektra
Nitanis "Kit" Largo (Ojibwe)- Serenity
Robert Mullinax (Cherokee) – Dream of a Sacred Song

Debut Group of the Year
A Tribe Called Red (Cayuga/Ojibway) – A Tribe Called Red
Fabulous Ripcords (Oneida) - Voo Doo Girl
Iskwew Singers (Metis/Cree/Saulteaux) - Kamawinan: Songs of Our People
Lightning Creek (Nez Perce) – Long Time Coming
Sihasin (Navajo) - Never Surrender
Women of Heart (Various) - Winds of Change

Best Female Artist
Donna Kay - (Metis) - Uncover Me
Jamie Coon (Creek/Seminole) – Day After Day
Rhonda Head (Cree) - Nikumoon
Rita Coolidge (Cherokee) – A Rita Coolidge Christmas
Tracy Bone (Ojibway) - Woman Of Red
Victoria Blackie (Navajo) - Tribute

Best Folk Recording
Adageyudi – Clear Water Drum (Cherokee/Yaqui/Metis)
Songs to Keep the Earth Alive - Good Shield Aguilar (Lakota)
Heart of the Buffalo – Richard Stepp and Rick McKee (Keetoowah)
Home Grown - Storm Seymour & Stefanie Snow (Meskwaki)
Keeper of the Dreams - Red Feather Woman (Assiniboine/Sioux)
Kid Face - Samantha Crain (Choctaw)

Flutist of the Year
Cal Silverfox Lopez (Apache) – To Touch The Sky
Douglas Blue Feather – Dawn of a New Light
Jan Looking Wolf Reibach (Conf. Tribes of Grande Ronde – Kalapuya) - Tamanawas
Jonathon Maracle Ohwihsha (Mohawk) – The Clearing
Rona Yellowrobe (Chippewa Cree) - The Gathering
Tony Duncan (Apache/Ankara/Hidatsu/Mandan) – Native Son

Best Gospel/Inspirational Recording
Don’t Let Me Forget – Kelly Montijo Fink
Grace & Grit: Chapter I – Dark Water Rising (Lumbee)
Love & Kindness - Golana (Cherokee) & Peter Kater
Nikumoon - Rhonda Head (Cree)
Season of Joy – Yolanda Martinez (Apache)
Speak To The Sky – Storm Seymour (Meskwaki)

Group of the Year
Dark Water Rising (Lumbee) - Grace & Grit: Chapter I
Indigie Femme (Navajo) – Te Hau Waiati
Injunuity (Various) – Fight For Survival
Plenty Wolf Singers(Oglala Lakota) – Medicine Wolf
Rushingwind & Mucklow (Cahuilla) – Bridge
Sweethearts of Navajoland (Navajo) – From The Heart of Dine Nation

Best Historical/Linguistic Recording
Chillin’ Rez-Style - Will and Jesse Lee (Lakota)
Heart of the Buffalo – Richard Stepp & Rick McKee (Keetoowah)
Native Eyez - Intikana (Arawak/Taino)
Mescalero Apache Creation – Fred Kaydahzinne (Apache)
2 Worlds - Nataanii Means (Oglala Lakota, Omaha, Dine')
Te Hau Waiati - Indigie Femme (Navajo)

Best Instrumental Recording
Awakened By The Noon Day Sun - Mwalin (Mashpee Wampanoag)
Fight For Survival - Injunuity (Various)
Journey To The Sun - Sun Shadows (Choctaw/Navajo)
Strong Horse - Rushingwind & Mucklow (Cahuilla)
The Long Journey Home - Ryan Little Eagle Molina (Lakota/Apache)
The Clearing - Ohwihsha (Mohawk)

Best Male Artist
Jimmy Wolf (Mohawk) - A Tribute To Little Johnny Taylor
Lawrence Harris (Choctaw) – Romanze – Songs of Tosti
Randy McGinnis (Cherokee) – Smoky Mountain Dreams
TerryLee Whetstone (Cherokee) - One People
Tony Duncan (Apache/Ankara/Hidatsu/Mandan) – Native Son
Wayne Silas, Jr (Menominee) – Infinite Passion

Best Native American Church Recording
A Good Day, A Better Tomorrow - Cheevers Toppah (Kiowa)
Apache Peyote Songs - Joe Tohonnie Jr (Apache/Navajo)
As It Was In The Beginning - Primeaux & Mike (Sioux/Navajo)
Charity - Kevin Yazzie (Navajo)
NAC Songs - Aaron Adson (Pawnee/Comanche)

Best New Age Recording
Awakening The Fire - R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman (Navajo/Ute)
Bridge - Rushingwind & Mucklow (Cahuilla)
Dawn of a New Light - Douglas Blue Feather (Cherokee)
Kamama - SilverWolf/Adelaunegv Waya (Cherokee)
Love & Kindness - Golana (Cherokee)
Smoky Mountain Dreams - Randy McGinnis (Cherokee)

Best Pop Recording
Colors - Indian City (Ojibway)
Day After Day - Jamie Coon (Creek/Seminole)
Feathers Rosary - Joey Stylez (Cree)
Grace & Grit: Chapter I – Dark Water Rising (Lumbee)
Spektra - Leah Shenandoah (Oneida)
Touch - Raphael (Mescalero Apache)

Best Pow Wow Recording
Elder’s Vision: Pow Wow Songs Recorded Live @ Ky1 Yo - Blackfoot Confederacy (Various)
In Harmony Again - Big River Cree
Loyalty to the Drum - Northern Cree (Cree/Various)
Right Now - Bear Creek (Various)
Save Me A Lead - Young Spirit (Various)
Stoic - Tha Tribe (Various)

Best Producer
Donald Blackfox – Earth Bound Angel
Eddie Webber – Apache Blessing & Crown Dance Songs
Kevin Chief (Algonquin/Oneida) – Honoring The Mazinikijik Singers
Lynn Coulter, John Mc Duffie, Randy Landas, John Thomas - A Rita Coolidge Christmas
Peter Blackwell – Mescalero Apache Creation
Robert Doyle – Awakening The Fire

Best Rap Hip Hop Recording
Crunk Nativez - Lil Mike & Funny Bone (Chocktaw, Pawnee)
Native Eyez - Intikana (Arawak/Taino)
One Tribe One Nation – The Council (Sounthern Ute, Jemez Pueblo, Taos Pueblo)
Ohsawuh - Quese Imc & Cempoalli 20 (Pawnee/Seminole)
Rainy Days – Tha Native featuring Stuxx (San Manuel)
Warriors Arise - Makardi (Navajo)

Record of the Year
A Rita Coolidge Christmas - Rita Coolidge (Cherokee)
A Tribe Called Red – A Tribe Called Red (Cayuga/Ojibway)
Breathe & Flow - Wade Fernandez (Menominee)
Native Son - Tony Duncan (Apache/Ankara/Hidatsu/Mandan)
Romanze – Songs of Tosti - Lawrence Harris (Choctaw)
The Gathering – Rona Yellowrobe (Chippewa Cree)

Best Rock Recording
Fire and Brimstone: A Tribute To Link Wray - Band of Tribes (Shawnee)
Never Going Home – The Gun Runners (Onondaga)
Never Surrender - Sihasin (Navajo)
Surrender - George Leach (Sta’ atl’ imx)
The Journey – Gareth Laffely (Mi'kmaq/Cree)
Two Sons - The Ollivanders (Mohawk, Oneida)

Song/Single of the Year
"Diamond" - Bear Fox (Mohawk)
"Love Of My Life" – Spencer Battiest (Seminole)
"Runnin’ On Empty" –Shyanne & Shadowyze (Creek, Cherokee, Han Gwich in Athabascan)
"Song of the Wolf" – Graywolf Blues Band (Yaqui)
"Sublime Gracia" - Yolanda Martinez (Apache)
"Witchi Tai-To – Water Spirits" – Shadowyze, Caren Knight Pepper and Jim Pepper

Songwriter of the Year
Brianna Lea Pruett (Cherokee/Choctaw) - Gypsy Bells
Glen Bonham (Choctaw) - Glen Bonham
Randy Granger (Choltan/Mayan) – Strong Medicine
Robert Hollis aka Bobby Bullet (Lac du Flambeau) - Crooked Tear
Samantha Crain (Choctaw)– Kid Face
Theresa "Bear" Fox (Mohawk) – Diamond

Best Spoken Word Recording
Blessings - Fawn Wood & Dallas Waskahat (Cree/Salish)
Grandfather Speaks – Ken Quiet Hawk (Abenaki)
Lost Angel – Cyrus Emerson (Cherokee)
Man From The Sky - Soyota (Apache)
Mescalero Apache Creation – Fred Kaydahzinne (Apache)
The Little Rocks – Windfeather Navarez Bull (Navajo)

Best Traditional Recording
Apache Blessing & Crown Dance Songs - Joe Tohonnie Jr (Apache)
Blessings - Fawn Wood & Dallas Waskahat (Cree/Salish)
From The Heart of Dine’ Nation - Sweethearts of Navajoland (Navajo)
Honoring The Mazinikijik Singers - Mazinikijik Singers (Algonquin/Oneida)
Moonlit Nights - Todi Neesh Zhee Singers (Navajo) - First Night
Spirit of Thunderheart - Rising (Mohawk, Blackfoot, Cree, Cherokee)

Best Music Video
"Love of My Life" – Spencer Battiest (Seminole)
"Native Eyez" - Intikana (Arawak/Taino)
"Prayer Loop Song" – Supaman (Apsaalooke)
"Song of Survival" – Red Eagle
"Women Across The River" - Graywolf Blues Band (Yaqui)
"Sisters ft Northern Voice" - A Tribe Called Red (Cayuga, Ojibway)

Best Waila Recording
2 Rivers Band– 2 Rivers Band (Tohono O’odham)
Back To Basics - Cruz (Tohono O’odham)
Embrace The Kaos – Dfaktion Nyne (Tohono O’odham)
In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Father & Uncle - Family Pride (Tohono O’odham)
Pisinemo & Company – Pisinemo & Company (Tohono O’odham)
Tohono O’odham Waila Music, Volume 2 - Valenzuela & Company (Tohono O’odham)

Best World Music Recording
Dance of the Soul - Jessica Martinez Maxey
Kurt Wyaco – Kurt Wyaco I Conscious (Zuni Pueblo)
Nagwetch - Wabanag (Metis)
Nature Dance - Joanne Shenandoah (Oneida)
North Wind - Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen (Algonquin)
To Touch The Sky - Cal Silverfox Lopez (Apache)

Native Heart
Big City Indians - May You Walk
Cornell Kinderknecht and Martin McCall - Dreamtime
Lex Nichols – The Long Road
Peter Phippen – Sacred Spaces
Emiliano Campobello & Kevin Donoho - Rockapelli
Terry Frazier - By The Still Waters