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Who Is Gary Busey's Pal Indian Bob?

Who is Indian Bob, the mysterious man from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation who appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap?
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Celebrity Wife Swap premiered last night on ABC to very strong ratings; in this episode Hollywood loose cannon Gary Busey and disgraced former evangelical pastor Ted Haggard traded spouses.

Today, the internet is abuzz with discussion of the antics of the two couples. There is also a little bit of head-scratching over a cameo appearance by "Indian Bob."

There is very little information on Indian Bob. From articles at and the Christian Post, this is the best we can do: He is said to be Lakota from the Standing Rock reservation, he met with Gayle Haggard wearing regalia and deemed her a "lost soul," and he is some sort of pal and spiritual adviser to Gary Busey.

If any of our Lakota or Standing Rock Sioux readers know any more about Indian Bob, please do share!