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What's the Most Popular Native American Language in Your State?

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Using the American Community Survey—part of the Census—Ben Blatt of Slate has created some rather interesting language maps of the country.

The survey asks a number of questions, one of which is what language is spoken in your home, participants then fill in a blank box.

The map detailing the most common Native language spoken in each state caught our eye. Blatt points out that the most prevalent Native language is Navajo—with 170,000 speakers. Dakota is the second, but with far fewer speakers, at 18,000.

The Census reports that there are more Navajo speakers in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona than there are speakers of all other Native languages in all the other states combined.

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Another map, that points out the most commonly spoken language other than English and Spanish also shows that Navajo is popular in the Southwest, along with Tagalog—a language indigenous to the Philippines.


This map, created by Ben Blatt of Slate, shows the most common language other than English and Spanish by state.

See Blatt’s full story and explanation of how he created the maps at