What's Next After 'Navajo Star Wars'? Hint: It's a Little Fishy

Following the success of Navajo Star Wars, the Navajo Nation Museum is looking to dub a famous Disney Pixar film in the Navajo language.

The massive phenomenon commonly known as "Navajo Star Wars" is getting a sequel—and no, it's not "Navajo Empire Strikes Back."

The Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, Arizona, has annonced an open casting call for Navajo-speakers to contribute their vocal talents to a Navajo-dubbed version of the animated Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo.

Manuelito Wheeler, the museum's director, says that seeing children's reaction to Navajo Star Wars spurred the decision to go with a children's movie this time around. "This movie is a true classic and we will work hard to uphold the Disney and Pixar standard while giving our Navajo kids an engaging and imaginative way to learn their language," he told Reuters.

Auditions for Navajo Finding Nemo will be held at the Navajo Nation Museum on December 19 and 20. Those who are interested should call (928) 871-7941 to reserve a spot. For more information, visit the Navajo Nation Museum's Facebook page.