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What Did the Late Charlie Hill Think About the Redskins? [Video]

In 1983, the Washington Redskins won the Super Bowl -- and yes, the team's name was racist back then, too.
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Charlie Hill, who died on December 30, 2013, was Indian country's most famous standup comedian, and he used his position of success to inform as well as entertain. Through his appearances on late-night TV and in mainstream comedy clubs he offered non-Natives a window on the concerns of Native Americans -- delivering his message with a smile and seeking understanding through the power of laughter.

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In 1983, the Washington Redskins were Super Bowl champions, and debate over the team's name wasn't the front-page news it is in 2014. But it was an issue many American Indians did care about, no matter how much revisionist historians would like to think otherwise. Here's Hill offering his perspective on the mascot issue as well as Hollywood's depiction of Natives: