Western Shoshone National Council press conference snubbed by mainstream press

WASHINGTON ? Chief Raymond Yowell of the Western Shoshone National Council held a press conference at Mott House, the Washington headquarters of the American Civil Liberties Union March 21.

The press conference was called amidst engineered confusion over the cancellation of Senate hearings on S. 958 and intended to relay the National Council's response on the bill and the indefinite postponement.

Chief Yowell said that he felt the deferment of S. 958 would have a positive effect on the Western Shoshone efforts to maintain control of their ancestral homelands in Nevada. The delegation learned later in the day that Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nevada, had stopped the hearing over dissatisfaction with the ballot on accepting a cash settlement for their land.

The ballot was crucial to the acceptance of the settlement in S. 958 that Sen. Reid introduced. It is displayed below.