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Weaving Wellness in Native Communities

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The Northern California Indian Development Council (NCIDC), a private nonprofit corporation that annually provides social and economic development services to nearly 15,000 Indians throughout the Golden State, along with local tribes and several partnering programs, will host a community health and wellness summit called "Weaving Wellness in Native Communities."

Hosted March 31 through April 2, 2011 at the Blue Lake Casino and Hotel, an enterprise of the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe, the summit opens the opportunity for the American Indian community to unite and begin developing sustainable wellness plans for individuals and tribal communities. Combining minds and pooling resources to access tools, training and support will help them address issues of mutual concern, and in turn empower them to assist their communities to create the change they envision based upon the culture and traditions of their tribes, according to a NCIDC press release.

Youth will also be invited to participate in a "youth track" created to provide information and resources to address their needs. Selected youth will also participate in a video documentation effort to capture the process and results of the event. "As part of building and reinforcing a strong family unit, youth will play an integral role at the meeting," the press release states.

The summit will focus on bringing balance to the four fundamental areas: Mind, Body Spirit and Community.

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For registration forms, scholarship applications, summit schedule and speaker list, or for more information, visit or call Andre Cramblit or Lou Moerner at (800) 566-2381 or email or