Wayne Gretzky’s Wife Gets Social Media Hand-Slap For Headdress Pics

Cultural appropriation once again as Wayne Gretzky's wife posts Native headdress pics on Instagram

Janet Gretzky, wife of famous NHL Hockey star Wayne Gretzky came under fire this weekend after posting photos of her and her daughter and two friends on Instagram.

Janet Gretzky, 55, captioned the photo “The real girls of Gozzer!!! #emmaparisbryellehermes,” in reference to Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives franchise while also referencing the Gretzky’s Gozzer Ranch, the family getaway in Idaho.

The post on Instagram drew hundreds of comments, and most were negative.

Janet Gretzky's post on Instagram caused hundreds of negative comments on social media - Photo: Instagram screen capture.

One user, goflamesgo, wrote, “This is an example of excessive wealth taking the place of intelligence and cultural sensitivity. Read a book Janet. You're a disgrace. Indigenous culture is not a costume for fun. It's Ceremonial. It's not yours to joke around with. May your daughters learn about Natives and give you shit for making them do it.”

In a second photo, Janet Gretzky posted a photo of her daughter Emma with a view of tipis in the background.

Janet Gretzky's Instagram post

She captioned the photo:. “Thank you @parepare7 for inviting Emma along for this fun photo shoot love them LAYLA Hilinski!!!!”

One comment under the photo of Emma by Instagram user holly_hollz22 stated:

“Why is there a Tipi behind her?? Why with the outfit? Glad to know that even a family name like the Gretzky's (local to two reserves) knows the difference between real Natives and Hollywood's versions of us. Thanks for pointing out how much work is still left to do in educating the many remaining Canadians that still don't understand our people.”

As of Tuesday, the photos were still on Gretkzy’s Instagram page.

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