Watch Wab Kinew Ignite Idle No More Flash Mob Round Dance on Talk Show Set


Broadcast journalist and rapper Wab Kinew may have moved out of the entertainment realm with his latest gig as Director of Indigenous Inclusion at the University of Winnipeg.

But he truly embodied the journalistic credo of "show, don't tell" during a recent appearance on the hip, popular Canadian talk show George Tonight when he demonstrated what Idle No More is about rather than simply talking about it. A staunch supporter of the grassroots movement, the Anishinaabe citizen was one second declaring his secret crush on Rihanna, and the next, he was turning down a tongue-in-cheek request from host George Stroumboulopoulos for a Rhianna song with the words, "You guys want to do a flash mob round dance?" He surprised both the audience and his interviewer, but Kinew added, "I notice that i have a few sisters in the house today," and beckoned them onstage. Forming a circle, they danced around the studio perimeter as Kinew and those still in their seats kept time by clapping as Kinew chanted the words. "It's a friendship dance," he explained. 

The dance is below, and underneath that you can see the entire interview, with the dance at the end. After that, we strongly recommend revisiting Kinew's 2011 rap of youth data from Phase 2 of the First Nations Informat?ion Governance Centre's (FNIGC) Regional Health Survey.