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Watch the Utah Utes Athletic Director Talk About the Team's Native Logo

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Dr. Chris Hill, the Utah Utes athletic director, talks in the below video about the use of Native imagery in the team's logo (the team is named, obviously, after the Ute Indian Tribe.)

What strikes you almost immediately is his tone; considerate, open-minded, and questioning. It's a posture rarely struck by representatives from professional franchises (looking at you, Dan Synder), and is one that would be nice to see emulated across the sports world.

An interesting bit of history for you, the Utah Utes were, up until 1972, the Utah Redskins. As stated on the team's official site, "the University of Utah officially adopted the nickname Utes for its athletic teams in 1972. The school uses the nickname with permission of the Ute Tribal Council."

Dr. Hill's video is asking members of the Native community (and non-Native community, it seems) to let the school know what practices held in support of the team (like the wearing of headdresses) might be offense to their namesake tribe. Do you have any thoughts for Dr. Hill? You can provide them here in the comments, and in the comments section of the clip below.

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