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Watch Kenny Dobbs, Best Dunker Ever

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Just when you think there can't possibly be any new dunks, after years and years of dunk contests and every conceivable angle, approach, and prop used, leaving just about no room for innovation...along comes Choctaw phenom and former NBA/Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown champion Kenny Dobbs.

These dunks are simply outrageous.

Yet there's more then just sick talent to the 6'3" Dobbs, there's also his commitment to improving the lives of his fellow American Indians. Dobbs is the founder of the AzUprise organization, which brings together motivational speakers, Slam Dunk All Stars, and musicians from all across the country to enrich the lives of young people and instill a spirit of possibility within them. Dobbs also serves as an ambassador to the Native American Basketball Invitational Foundation, a "national foundation committed to supporting Native American youth by implementing programs that encourage higher education, sports, health & wellness and community building," according to their website.

Watching this video of Dobbs sure reinforces the point that yes, anything does indeed seem possible.