Watch Frank Waln Rock the Stage on Final Day of Reject and Protect

Frank Waln performs on the final day of the Reject and Protect action, a five-day rally against KeystoneXL, in Washington DC.

On April 26, after five days of protests in Washington, DC that saw tipis erected on the National Mall and cooperative efforts from Honor the Earth and the Cowboy and Indian Alliance, the Reject and Protect action came to an end. As part of the finish, Frank Waln delivered a dynamic and captivating performance that moved the crowd and sent good vibes echoing across social media.

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From Twitter:

"love the song! & proud to see a fellow Sicangu Leader in the #RejectandProtect movement!"

"Thank you @FrankWaln for an amazing & inspiring performance!"

"Frank Waln @ Reject and Protect #OcetiRising Wopila @FrankWaln you make us proud to be Lakota!"

The comments go on and on -- visit Frank Waln's Twitter profile to see him graciousy interacting with fans, many of whom were converted by this performance. Here's the video.