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Watch 6-Year-Old Rito Lopez Win World Hoop Dance Contest

Video of six-year-old Rito Lopez Jr. giving the performance that won the youth division at the 2013 Heard Museum Hoop Dance Contest
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The Heard Museum's 2013 Hoop Dance Championship featured many names familiar to hoop dance fans, including Nakotah LaRance, Tony Duncan, and winner Derrick Suwaima Davis. The Youth Division was won by a possible future star, six-year-old Rito Lopez Jr. (Pima/Apache/Arikara/Hidatsa/Mandan), also known as "RJ." Here's his performance:

The video above was produced by Lizard Light Productions. The 2014 Hoop Dance Championship will take place at the Heard on February 8 and 9; tickets will be available after January 1 -- visit for more information. To see a gallery and story on the Heard Hoop Dance Contest, visit the ICTMN story "23rd Annual World Hoop Dance Contest."

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