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Washington Post publishes Yucca Mountain objection

WASHINGTON, D.C.?The Washington Post published a letter April 1 from Dario Herrera, Chairman of the Clark County Commission in Nevada, objecting to Washington's plans to ship 77,000 metric tones of nuclear waste to a high-level storage facility at Yucca Mountain.

Herrera says the 100,000 truckloads of the most dangerous nuclear waste from 40 states will be sent to the Yucca Mountain facility for 43 years. The cost to Clark County emergency services to prepare for the shipments could reach as high $360 million, according to Herrera.

He also pointed out that the numerous shipments into the area could be considered a target for terrorists. Herrera stated that an estimated loss in property values in the area will be in excess of $500 million without an accident or attack.

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