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Voting Republican

I take exception to being included with New Mexico tribal reservation states collectively being besieged by the media to endorse the campaign of Barack Obama for president. I am a Mescalero Apache tribal member and I prefer the McCain/Palin ticket.

The McCain/Palin campaign bus arrived at the reservation last Saturday. They were several hours late, to the disappointment of many supporters, but at any rate they did arrive. I pointed out that much of the media portrays Indian reservations collectively approving endorsements concerning a certain presidential candidate, mostly Democratic.

Historically, tribal reservation states have financially supported the Democratic candidates, an issue I feel should at least be held to vote among members. I was happy to see a group of genuine supporters and tribal members gathering to give their individual endorsement to the Republican McCain/Palin ticket.

At the grass-roots level, it is commonly reported that Indians can’t be Republican because we are restricted in achieving a higher income level (wealth being another assumption coupled with Republicans). The acquisition of wealth by opportunity is another issue I believe should be held to a vote among tribal members.

My personal Republican endorsement is rooted in the ideals of former President Reagan, who defied Big Government. Today’s economic challenges have made Americans realize how complicated it is to define the relationship between government and private corporate interest. May I hearten you good Americans to hang in there – there is “gold at the end of the rainbow.” Spoken like a true Republican.

I expressed my interest to the McCain/Palin team as a tribal member living on the Mescalero Apache reservation. I asked why the United States is getting involved in defending Georgia from secession from Russia while they don’t work with tribal reservations for a more perfect sovereignty. I also stated that I believe that there is an intelligent way to pursue a more perfect and defined sovereignty for tribal states within the United States without secession because we are dependent on American currency and America has the Gun and the Money. They agreed.

I was surprised to meet a few tribal Democrats who were unsure if it was “OK” for them to vote Republican. I assured them that it was fine. After all, this is America, right? Right!

– Frederick Kanesewah

Mescalero, N.M.