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'Vote' of no confidence

The aboriginal peoples across their occupied territories are surrendering through the ''Native vote.'' Voting only diminishes treaty authority and government-to-government relations. Hasn't history taught about the Christian U.S. government's two-faced, fork-tongued politics and policies? McCains, Obamas, Clintons, Kennedys ... same old song and dance.

It's an old strategy: submit or suffer. The tactic was used to diminish treaty territory. ''Vote for us: we'll fund your health care, housing ... or suffer.'' We'll endure hunger anyway, to be strong.

Our leaders aren't the ones who are monetarily and materially comfortable, the ones who receive VA benefits, casino profits and government payments. Our leaders are the ones who accept a hard walk for their people, who know and understand sacrifice. It is that walk that embodies our traditional values and beliefs.

Our struggle has always been engaged in a mental, psychological and spiritual battle for the hearts and minds of our peoples because of deceptions such as the Native vote, military and police forces, Christian denominations and media outlets.

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Today, up and down this Western Hemisphere, the aboriginal people are rising, unifying with one another for our way of life, the natural world, against a supremacist, suicidal, Judeo-Christian vision of global destruction.

- Elroy Wabashaw

Tecumseh, Neb.