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Virtual ponies ride into southern California first

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INDIO, Calif. – And they’re off! Fantasy Springs Resort Casino is the first of two California casinos to install the new 10-seat “Triple Towers” virtual horse racing game by IGT.

The game utilizes the latest technology with cutting edge 3-D graphics and dynamic camera angles. In its first two weeks, the game had already become a favorite with customers. At many times during the day, all 10 seats are filled.

“It gives you the feeling like you’re really at the races,” said Lou Crecenzo, vice president of casino operations at Fantasy Springs. “I saw the prototype two years ago at the Las Vegas gaming show and just knew this would be a fun game that people could interact with.”

Each player has an individual screen in front of him or her. From this screen, the player can customize just about everything about how he or she plays the game – the amount of the wager, the length of time he or she has to place a bet, bonus jackpot amounts, even the horse and jockey names. Instead of making individual bets on a number of horses, players can choose the “quick pick” option that selects the ponies you say will come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The action of this game takes place on a 57” LCD screen placed in the middle of the 10 gaming spaces. The races are incredibly life-like. There’s an announcer taking you through every step of the race and you hear the pounding of the horses’ hooves beating for the finish line. For finishes too close to call, the game moves onto a “photo finish.” Camera flashes fill the screen and the finish line area enlarges so players can discern which horse took the prize.

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Fantasy Springs was the first in the southern California area to feature two new Table Master “Bet to Set 21” and two “Ultimate Draw Poker” games which display virtual dealers. Offering flexibility in wagering amounts, these games are perfect for the occasional bettor, or for the high roller. Players sit at one of five stations and are dealt virtual cards by an attractive male or female virtual dealer, in essence combining the latest interactive technology with the camaraderie of live table games.

Casino management says more and more games are being developed with the latest technology. “Even if the technology is not apparent to the customer, it’s there in some form or another,” said Ken Reed, director of table games at Fantasy Springs. “That technology works for the customer, helping to develop special customized offers or discounts within the resort.”

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino has received 25 “Best of Gaming” awards from Casino Player magazine. Offering 2,000 of the hottest slots, world-class table games, entertainment, hotel, dining and golf at Eagle Falls, Fantasy Springs stands to meet and exceed the needs of its guests and the community. Fantasy Springs is located right off Interstate 10 only minutes from Palm Springs and the Palm Springs International Airport. Fantasy Springs is a privately operated business of the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians.