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Virtual Aboriginal Recruitment Fair Aims to Attract Indigenous Employees Worldwide

The Aboriginal Human Resource Council will hold a Virtual Recruitment Fair on January 26-27 to link indigenous workers with potential employees
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To all far-flung aboriginals and other indigenous job hunters, and their would-be employers: The Aboriginal Human Resource Council (AHRC) Virtual Recruitment Fair aims to bring all of you together, cyberly speaking.

On January 26–27 the AHRC will hold an online jobs fair to connect employers and potential employees from the aboriginal community. From the comfort of an Internet-accessed computer, aboriginal job seekers can tune in, see what’s out there and chat with employers.

“Meet employers-of-choice from across Canada that will have a variety of jobs available,” the AHRC site says. “Chat with employers online and learn more about their company and careers in their sector/organization.”

Another opportunity is afforded as well.

“If asked, give an employer some positive and constructive feedback about how to better engage with the aboriginal community and create inclusive workplaces that will help them better recruit and retain aboriginal talent,” the site says. “Remember, these employers want to hire aboriginal people and are looking for more effective ways to create a workplace that helps First Nations, Métis and Inuit people succeed.”

Employers, for their part, will have the opportunity to chat with would-be employees whether your company is hiring or not.

“We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to interview and potentially hire part-time and full-time aboriginal talent from across Canada, at the location, or locations, you are needing help,” the AHRC site says. “Entry-level and post-secondary aboriginal grads will be available for you to match to your hiring needs.”

Further, even if a company isn’t looking at the moment, “use this unique and cost-effective opportunity to set up a virtual booth to chat online with aboriginal people about pursuing a career in your organization/sector and learn more about how to make your workplace more attractive to aboriginal talent,” the AHRC site suggests.

Aboriginals with a post-secondary education will have an additional opportunity in May at the Inclusion Works National Aboriginal Recruitment Fair from May 1–3, 2012, in Edmonton. Applicants are urged to apply online for this one.