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Virginia Pow Wow To Honor Veterans

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It's fitting that Native American Heritage Month falls in November, when the country also celebrates Veteran's Day. With so many American Indians having served the in the United States military, November is a great month to reflect on the contribution of Indian Country to our country and our military.

One way to honor, and celebrate, both American Indians and our veterans, is at the 21st Annual Great American Indian Exposition Pow-Wow and Show, which goes from Nov 11-13, at the Showplace in Richmond, Virginia. A special ceremony honoring veterans will take place on Nov 11 and 12, with Project Hope, Indian View Baptist Church and Native American Advocates Against Violence benefiting from the pow wow. Visitors are encouraged to bring a donation of a non-perishable food item on either Saturday or Sunday for a $2 discount on each adult ticket purchased.

The pow wow will include more than 200 American Indian dancers, singers, drummers, artists, and craft experts. There will be $10,000 in prize money for the dance and drum competitions. The Showplace is located at 3000 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23223. Check out a map here. You can call the venue with questions at (804) 225-8877. Below, we've included the schedule of events.

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

9:00AM-Gates Open

9:00AM-2:00PM-Food Sales

9:00AM-2:00PM-Vendor Sales

9:00AM-2:00PM-Craft Demonstrations

9:00AM-2:00PM-Face Painting

9:30AM-9:40AM-Native American Storytelling/Flute Music

9:40AM-10:30AM-Native American Dancers

10:35AM-11:05AM-Aztec Dancers

11:05AM-11:15AM-Native American Storytelling: Rose Powhatan (Pamunkey)/Flute Music

11:15AM-11:55AM-Native American Dancers

12: Noon-Veterans Honoring

12:30PM-12:45PM-Storytelling/Flute Music

2:00PM-Close of Cultural Exchange Program

2:00PM-Gates Open/Vendor Sales

6:00PM-Grand Entry/Parade of Native American Dancers

6:30PM-10:00PM-Native American Dancers-Exhibitions

November 12, 2011

9AM-8:00PM-Gates Open/Vendor Sales

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12 Noon-Grand Entry/Parade of Native American Dancers/Exhibitions

12:30PM: Veterans Honoring

1:30PM-1:45PM- Drum Appreciation

1:45-2:00: Hoop Dancer-Jonathan Dane Feather (Cherokee)

2:00PM-2:30PM-Aztec Dancers

2:30-3:00PM-Ray Littleturtle Honoring/Fancy Dance Special

3:00-4:30PM-Native American Dancers-Exhibitions-1st round of contests

4:30PM-5:00PM-Storytelling (Rose Powhatan)

5:30PM-6:00PM: George Whitewolf Branham Honoring/Men’s Traditional Special

6:15PM-9:00PM-Native American Dancers/Contests/Exhibitions

9:00PM-Gates Close

November 13, 2011:

10:00AM-Gates Open/Vendor Sales

12 Noon-1:30PM: Grand Entry/Parade of Native American Dancers

1:30PM: Drum Appreciation

2:00PM-2:20PM: Hoop Dancer Jonathan Dane Feather (Cherokee)

2:30PM-2:15PM-Storytelling (Rose Powhatan)

2:15PM-:2:30PM: Men’s Fancy Special-2nd Round

2:30PM-2:45PM- Men’s Traditional Special-2nd Round

2:45-4:15PM-Native American Dancers-Exhibitions-2nd round of contests

4:30PM-5:30PM-“Give A Ways”/Honorings

5:30PM-Announcement of winners

6:00PM-Gates Close