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VIDEOS: Remembering John Trudell

5 Great Videos: Remembering John Trudell

On December 8, 2015, American Indian activist, spoken word artist and poet, actor and visionary John Trudell walked on surrounded by his family and friends.

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Over the decades, John Trudell created such a vast body of work that a selection of videos hardly does much to graze the surface of his life’s contributions. Without question, there are certainly many more videos where these came from, but these videos do hold a special appeal to us here at ICTMN.

Here is a short batch of videos that may serve as a primer to the achievements and philosophy of this icon of contemporary American Indian history.

Interview with John Trudell at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco regarding Alcatraz

During the occupation of Alcatraz Island by American Indians on August 14th, 1970, AIM activist John Trudell speaks to KQED, the local San Francisco television news station about the involvement of American Indians, the importance of the occupation.

John Trudell on the Christian World View

During a public address in San Francisco in 2001, John Trudell speaks to the public about a Christian world view. He cites religion as a submission to a male-dominated chain of command and how the native path to trouble began when humans envisioned the creator in human form.

John Trudell on the "Drunken Indians" stereotype

During an on camera interview (original source unknown) Trudell speaks on the stereotype of the ‘Drunken Indian.’ Citing the necessity for Native people to refuse to submit, the stereotype actually ‘saved and protected’ the identity of American Indians.

“Listening” an honor song off of John Trudell’s “Tribal Voice” album

Originally released in 1983, Tribal Voice was a spoken word album released by John Trudell. This track ‘Listening’ speaks of struggle, visiting with the relatives of Mother Earth and the old ways of respect and discipline.

John Trudell - Power Is In Your Heartbeat

In October of 2015, a frail John Trudell speaks at the Hempstalk Harvest Festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Though he appears physically thin and affected by his ailments, his words are strong as he talks about focus, the importance of having clarity, loving yourself and how our own personal power in in our heartbeats.