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Video: Watch This Squirrel Snatch a Camera and High-Tail It Up a Tree, Filming

[node:summary]This squirrel in Montreal grabbed David Freiheit's GoPro camera with bread attached and high-tailed it up a tree, filming all the way.
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Duuude, where's my GoPro?

This might well be what photographer David Freiheit asked when a hungry squirrel snatched his GoPro camera from the ground and high-tailed it up a tree.

First perplexed, the squirrel peers at the camera, which has bread attached to it. Then suddenly, we, the camera-lens viewer, are lifted up and carried up, up, up. Looking down, we see a small perplexed human figure far below. Some jiggling, and then we are falling.

The squirrel ate the bread, lost interest and dropped the camera from the tree. We, the viewers, find ourselves staring up at the sky. 

The drama unfolded in Montreal and was picked up by the New York Daily News.

Meanwhile, this is what it looks like to be preyed upon by a squirrel, complete with vertigo. 

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