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Video: Watch the Elwha River Roar Back to Life in Time-Lapse Dam Removal

Watch this moving video of the removal of the Elwha River Dam, in time lapse.
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Here’s an upbeat way to round out the first month of your new year: Watch the dams come down on the Elwha River in a time-lapse that takes a multi-year process down to a couple of minutes, and witness the water being set free.

In 2014, the last bits of the Glines Dam obstructing the Elwha River in Washington State was dismantled, letting the water roar free after more than 100 years. Soon after, the salmon returned.

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The video below is a mashup of a few dam removals, ending with the Glines Dam. The National Park Service’s Facebook page picks up where that one leaves off, with a 45-second version that is truly stirring.

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