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Video: Watch Snowflakes Form and Recapture the Awe of Winter

[node:summary]Russian filmmaker creates time-lapse video of snowflake forming in real time.
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This is the time of year when winter seems never-ending. The idea that March is upon us connotes spring, which evokes images of balmy temperatures. So we cannot wrap our heads around the fact that it is still so cold.

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In just three weeks we will see the light green dusting of buds on the trees, the crocuses and daffodils poking up above what we hope will be mud by then (though sometimes it’s still snow), and the beginnings of the warmth that summer will bring. Mere weeks later, we will probably be complaining about the heat.

For the moment though, we are stuck in the present, shivering and staring out the window at yet another blanket of the white stuff. At such times, the beauty of nature may be lost on us. But here is a time-lapse video by someone who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to snow. Armed with a microscope and a camera, Russian filmmaker Vyacheslav Ivanov delved into the microscopic territory of snowflake formation, photographing for hours as one of the delicate little water crystals coalesced.

Last year around this time we brought you a series of images of several snowflakes that gave credence to the childhood truism that no two of them are alike.

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Mind you, none of these are the biggest snowflakes ever recorded. That happened just over 125 years ago.

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However, this is the first snowflake that we’ve seen actually forming, in real time, according to the Tumblr site Explore Noodle.

“This resulting timelapse is a 100 percent real record of the process, not digitally animated,” Explore says.