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Video: Watch Senator John McCain Rebuff Teen Oak Flat Protester

Raw video of Sen. John McCain rebuffing 17-year-old protester Adriano Tsinigine of Window Rock on the Navajo Nation when youth flashed Oak Flat card.
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On August 14, 17-year-old high school senior Adriano Tsinigine of Window Rock walked in the parade honoring Code Talkers, who counted his great-grandfather among their number.

Soon after, he saw a chance to honor his ancestor’s sacrifice in a whole different way: by walking up to Senator John McCain, who was participating in the celebration, and shake his hand as he whipped out a card declaring, “Save Oak Flat.”

Oak Flat is the Apache holy ground that McCain helped Resolution Copper Co. get control of at the end of last year. The mining company is proposing a project that would virtually destroy, or at the very least disfigure beyond recognition, a site sacred to the Apache.

The Navajo youth told Indian Country Today Media Network he learned of the fight during a trip to Washington D.C. and decided to act when he saw McCain. The senator’s response, Tsinigine noted, was perhaps unnecessarily harsh.

“You have to leave,” McCain said, with a stern glare.

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“He showed disrespect for a youth,” Tsinigine said. “I didn’t yell at him. I didn’t chase him with signs. Mine was a peaceful protest.”

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Then again, McCain is not known for his reverence or respect for Turtle Island’s First People.

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