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Video: Time-Lapse Photography Takes Us 'Into the Atmosphere'

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This video’s got it all: flowing clouds, racing oceans and dancing stars.

Photographer Michael Shainblum in essence details his love affair with California, based on a year’s worth of 75,000 images taken, 12,400 of which “made it into the 3.5-minute piece,” his notes on the Vimeo website say.

“ ‘Into The Atmosphere’ is my tribute to the state of California and the beautiful deserts, mountains and coastlines that exist there,” he writes. “This video showcases a variety of national/state parks as well as less recognized natural areas. The video also focuses on clouds, fog and interesting atmospheric conditions.”

The poignant project pays tribute to his grandmother, who walked on just two weeks before he was done shooting.

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“The film is dedicated to her memory,” writes Shainblum, who toils with a learning disability. “Without her and the love of my family this video would not have been possible.”

The video is reminiscent of Timescapes, which ICTMN highlighted a year ago.

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