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Video Spotlight: Tiny Tot at Red Earth Festival Puts on a Show

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This year’s Red Earth Festival in Oklahoma City had plenty of incredible moments. When this year’s Silver Anniversary Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival opened on June 3, the spectacular parade gathered 100 tribes from all over North America. The proud procession through the streets, and the showcase of dance and art in the convention center for the next three days, attracted news crews from foreign countries. One of the great treats of any pow wow, however, isn't a grand spectacle but rather a smaller, inarguably more adorable moment: when the Tiny Tots do their thing.

As you can see from the above video, this year's Red Earth Festival had some great little pow wow dancers. The festival draws more than 25,000 spectators a year, and it's not hard to imagine that if you asked many of them what their favorite moment was, it would look something like the video above.

As the pow wow season winds down, we'll be putting up our favorite pow wow videos from this past year from all over the country. As every pow wow season winds down, it offers up a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the future. These awesome videos make it easy to feel like the future is a bright one indeed

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