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Video: Shoni Schimmel's Rookie Blog With the Atlanta Dream

Video: Shoni Schimmel's Rookie Blog
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Shoni Schimmel is making the necessary adjustments as a rookie with the Atlanta Dream.

A video blog on shows Schimmel in her third day of training camp along with fellow rookie’s Inga Orekhova and Cassie Harberts. Training camp started on April 27.

Apparently, the team has already given her the nickname “Showtime Shoni” after the natural flare and energy that she brings to the court.

Schimmel was signed in the first round of the WNBA draft, going 8th overall. 

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After her second day of training camp, she wrote on her how excited she was to be in Atlanta.

“Today was the second day of training camp here down in Hot-LANTA!!! I'm glad to be back on the court, having fun and working hard at the same time. What else more could you ask for honestly? We have two practices a day here during training camp. It's intense, but I'm loving every minute of it. I'm meeting new people in my life that are some pretty neat people. I must say though, my legs are a little shot! Need to get them some rest here as much as I can. Haha. I think I could do that while watching LeBron James and the Miami Heat, along with the other NBA playoffs tonight! The ATL Hawks are down in Indiana tonight, hopefully they can pull out a win!!! Then again, I do need to get some dinner, just don't know what to the life of an adult is so difficult. Just kidding!! I'm living life :) Everyone, have a great rest of your night. My bed is calling my name early tonight.”

Click here to watch her video blog.