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Video: Remember the Removal Riders Begin 950-Mile Journey

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They have a long journey ahead of them—the Remember the Removal riders are on their way.

A group of 12 riders, sponsored by the Cherokee Nation from Oklahoma met up with a team from the Eastern Band of Cherokee in New Echota, Georgia and they all set off “on the journey of a lifetime,” according to the event Facebook page.

The riders will travel about 60 miles a day through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.


This image was taken May 20, when the riders rode 25 miles through Keys and Woodall and had the Tulsa World and Cherokee Phoenix join us.

The ride isn’t just about the journey, during the evenings, riders will explore educational activities that link them to experiences their Cherokee ancestors had during the time of the removal.

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On June 2, the group visited the Cherokee Removal Memorial Park in Birchwood, Tennessee and took a ride across the channel at Blythe Ferry. “Once they crossed the river they would have known they were no longer in the Cherokee Nation and had officially left their homeland during the forced removal,” said the Facebook post.


Removal riders stopped at the Cherokee Removal Memorial Park in Birchwood, Tennessee June 2.

To follow the group’s journey, check out their Facebook page.

Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. had the following message for the riders: