Video Released of Sen. Grisanti Attacked at Seneca Niagara Casino


A violent brawl erupted the night of Saturday, February 10 at the Seneca Niagara Casino when Sen. Mark Grisanti, R-NY, allegedly tried to calm a heated dispute between two men who turned on him.

Moments after, Grisanti says, two women attacked his wife Maria, pulling out her hair and repeatedly banging her head against the floor, resulting in a concussion.

The senator and his wife were attending a Seneca Diabetes Foundation fundraising event their daughter was scheduled to perform in, reported the Huffington Post.

But now two witnesses who watched the fight say Grisanti's version of the events is inaccurate. The video of the incident was released by the attorney of Eric White, who claims Grisanti attacked him after a previous dispute between the two had been quelled, reported WGRZ 2.

Ross L. John Sr., a former member of the Senecas' Tribal Council, is also charging Grisanti as the initial aggressor, alleging he made racial remarks against a black security guard employed at the casino.

"I was maybe 15 feet away. I heard it," John told WGRZ 2. "[Grisanti] yelled, 'Don't you know who the [expletive] I am, you [expletive]?"

John plans to tell police that he heard Grisanti yell racial epithets if he becomes a witness in the case.

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