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Video: 'Project Runway' Star Patricia Michaels and the Parasols on the Plaza

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Tonight, designer Patricia Michaels of Taos Pueblo will face off against the other two finalists in part two of the season finale of Project Runway. It's a moment that has many fashion fans and Native style aficionados on the edge of their seats.

Although Michaels may have seemed the exotic outsider in this Project Runway class, those familiar with her work knew she'd be a force to be reckoned with, and can hardly be surprised she's made it this far. In fact, on one notable occasion, many people who don't follow fashion got a glimpse of her talent and were bowled over. It happened at Santa Fe Indian Market, 2011: Michaels paraded a group of models through the streets wearing her fashions and toting parasols. Many who witnessed the display considered it the highlight of the week.

As Cynthia Whitney-Ward reported the "Parasols on the Plaza" happening on her blog Chasing Santa Fe, "who would expect white-wigged maidens holding playful parasols -- dressed in glorious designer frocks -- to sashay out of La Fonda on the Plaza and wend their way through Indian Market? Well, Native American designer PATRICIA MICHAELS of Taos Pueblo, loves to delight and surprise ... The Indian Market crowd was enchanted."

Here's a video of the moment, as well as a few sample photos from Chasing Santa Fe.

Parasols on the Plaza

Parasols on the Plaza

Patricia Michaels and daughter