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Video: Pamunkey Tribe Steps Closer to Federal Recognition

The Pamunkey Indian Tribe have moved one step closer to federal recognition and in this video members of the tribe discuss the painstaking process.

On January 17, Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs Kevin K. Washburn announced the Pamunkey Indian Tribe had become one step closer to becoming the first tribe from Virginia to be federally recognized.

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On a cold winter day, we traveled to the Pamunkey Reservation to get a feel for what the tribe is experiencing in the aftermath of a positive preliminary finding.

Pamunkey Chief Kevin Brown expressed feelings among his tribal members are mixed, but that the decision made by Washburn weeks ago is a huge deal.

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Asst. Chief Bob Gray and tribal member Joyce Krigsvold also weighed in on the matter that is inciting serious change and regard for Virginia Indian tribes still fighting for federal recognition.